4 weeks ago
RT @BadalMalick: #cashlesscatalys and #merapaper showcase our work in digitizing newspaper vendor collections in Jaipur. 90% stickiness in… cashlesscatalys photo
2 months ago
Under Arvind Subramanian, the Economic Survey was elevated to an altogether different level as it introduced new concepts such as “Twin Balance Sheet (TBS) problem” and the “JAM agenda” https://t.co/HLcAUla6xN @IndianExpress #Fintech #FinancialInclusion #DigitalPayments https://t.co/QT0aKRirS7 cashlesscatalys photo
2 months ago
Driving change by facilitating basic bank transfers for the low-income urban community. Know more at https://t.co/cEof6dHOJF @RajGovOfficial @KyePot #FinancialInclusion #Fintech #OnlineBusiness https://t.co/Qv39xTWncf cashlesscatalys photo


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