18 hours ago
About 88% of respondents expressed their will to adopt #digitalpayments, but cited security as their prime concern. Click here to find out how #cybersecurity is impacting the digital payments ecosystem https://t.co/dKmB80C55z @KPMG https://t.co/UEB6YTPeCP cashlesscatalys photo
2 days ago
Here’s a look at the banking trends for 2017-2018: Digital teams at leading banks share some common practices in their mobile banking strategy and execution https://t.co/Nm2U7PJum0 @Enterprisei #DigitalPayments #FinancialInclusion https://t.co/888AZZiHW9 cashlesscatalys photo
2 days ago
The second day of the @IFISummit witnessed an exciting technical session on "Last Mile Digital Payments: Value Focused Approaches for Promoting Uptake.", which was moderated by @BadalMalick from Catalyst #ifisummit #financialinclusion #IFISummit2017 https://t.co/suFZUFB98P
3 days ago
Here’s an interesting point of view on the #digitalpayments scenario in India https://t.co/S6ZDyaLiB6. What’s your take on this? Leave us a comment @livemint#FinancialInclusion https://t.co/mLoQuO8B4X cashlesscatalys photo
3 days ago
Catalyst put together a technical session on “Last Mile Digital Payments – Value Focused Approaches for Promising Uptake” at the @IFISummit #CashlessCatalyst #IFISummit2017 @BadalMalick https://t.co/ZHnqsjYiNU cashlesscatalys photo


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