Study to test incentives for onboarding merchants and consumers

Referral scheme and cash-back scheme

Making 5-minute inclusive loans a reality with “India Stack”

Learnings from two experiments – October 2016

Digital Payments 2020 – A BCG / Google Report

The making of a $500 billion ecosystem in India


VISA – Report

Accelerating The Growth of Digital Payments in India
A Five-Year Outlook – October 2016

World Bank Group/ World Economic Forum – Report

Cash vs Electronic Transactions by Small Retailers Estimating the Global Size

World Bank Group/ World Economic Forum – Report

Electronic Payments for Retail MSMEs: A $19 Trillion Opportunity
Global Insights and Stocktaking – June 13, 2016

TUFTS University – Report

The cost of cash in India
Institute for business in the global context

Alexandra Fiorillo – Report

3 Lessons to guide designing better financial tech for the developing world

ITU-T Focus Group – Report

Enabling merchant payments acceptance in the digital financial ecosystems

Fintech in India

An analysis of the market, and of the UK’s role in supporting its development

BTC Accelerator Report

Accelerators to an Inclusive
Digital Payments Ecosystem

Resurgent India Report

Financial Inclusion Summit 2016

Watal Committee on Digital Payments

Medium Term Recommendations to
Strengthen Digital Payments

CGAP – Report

Digital Finance Interoperability & Financial Inclusion

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