Under a partnership with the Government of Rajasthan, Catalyst has set up its very first digital payments lab in Jaipur, a tier 2 city with a three million plus population, over 65,000 registered small merchants, and a likely equal number of informal ones. Using a combination of new technologies, business models, and institutional innovations, Catalyst seeks to help Jaipur’s small merchants and low-income consumers move towards a less cash economy.


Our focus is on solving coordination-based market failures through a local ecosystem approach to drive routine & high-frequency payments and change behavior of small merchants and consumers


Expanding reach and coverage to drive consumer demand for digital payment acceptance

Inclusive digital finance in low-income slums

Goal: Drive active banking and digital finance in a low income cluster and market cluster in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Wealth management for the poor

Goal: AI driven wealth management and digital financial services to reduce income volatility among poor communities in Jaipur

Transit payments

Goal: Digitize transport networks - metro, buses, parking and tourism through an open-loop, interoperable solution


Addressing deep, tangible and immediate sources of value to merchants through digital payment solutions

Consumer to Government payments (E-Mitra network)

Goal: Drive penetration of digital payment solutions (Aadhaar Pay) among e-mitra customers by onboarding merchants and rationalizing MDR charges

Hyperlocal digital financial services

Goal: Convert retail stores into financial supermarkets using Aadhaar enabled services, digital payment acceptance, cash in - cash out, and other business correspondent services

Collection for subscription-based vendors

Goal: Digitize customer collections for newspaper, tiffin, cable and milk distributors using a digital invoicing applications


Alleviating costs of cash incurred by distributors to influence their downstream merchant ecosystems

FMCG supply chain

Goal: Digitize supply chain payments in the FMCG sector by providing sales incentives to retailers

Pharmaceutical supply chain

Goal: Digitize supply chain payments in the pharmaceutical sector by providing sales incentives to retailers

Dairy forward supply chain (distributor to retailer)

Goal:Goal: Digitize payments from milk booth vendors to distributors using appropriate payment solutions

Credit as a hook

Goal: Deploy business models which link merchant access to credit to digital payment usage milestones

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