1 week ago
Summer at @cashlesscatalys - Interns' speak
Every year, we select a few passionately driven individuals with unique skills and interests that complement our current priorities. Here's what the interns' have to say about their journey at @cashlesscatalys https://t.co/foDyxDhXMG
2 weeks ago
Go digital. #DigitalPayments are safe, quick and easy. Make all your payments digitally. @fhi360 @USAID_Digital @IFMRLEAD @mSTAR_Project https://t.co/ECOXpKkUN6 cashlesscatalys photo
3 weeks ago
High costs are a barrier to going digital.
@cashlesscatalys attempts to unlock the power of digital credit for small merchants in Jaipur. Kamal Singh, a 40-year-old tea vendor shares his insights on non adoption of #digitalpayments #digitalbusiness https://t.co/ddZLwGyZU4 https://t.co/Vnmm4uLlmg
cashlesscatalys photo
3 weeks ago
#DigitalPayments form the bedrock of deeper financial integration for micro enterprises, which constitutes 99% of India’s approximately
60 million-strong #MSME. @BadalMalick @rajesh_ICE360 opine on what makes merchants adopt #DigitalPayments.
3 weeks ago
Catalyst will host @AbhishantPant, Founder, The Fintech MeetUp, at their Jaipur office on 10 August, as a part of his @thefintechyatra.
He will share insights from his journey on Payments, Lending and Wealth Management landscape. Connect with @Singhalism to book your spot.


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