. @cashlesscatalys is breaking the digital divide. Read about how Catalyst is empowering the women of Bhatta Basti in digital financial technology: https://t.co/rXu4Msar9k @fhi360 @fhi360research @IFMRLEAD

. @cashlesscatalys experimented with canopy stores to better understand the basic characteristic of their customers in Bhatta Basti. Discover how the ‘Digital Mela’ initiative impacted the use of digital payment solutions. https://t.co/OIJiHYTUsh @fhi360 @usaid_india @IFMRLEAD

What is the right #fintech recipe? @cashlesscatalys
@mSTAR_Project and @USAID are cooking up sustainable financial solutions that serves the need of #SME and low income-consumers https://t.co/G553HEjzDw #FinancialInclusion

Read about the achievements of the first 5 shortlisted start-ups that were part of @cashlesscatalys Incubator in Jaipur. https://t.co/ch33ppu70s
@BadalMalick @mSTAR_Project @IFMRLEAD @KanikaJoshi1994 https://t.co/NDnNBoFtIu


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