Catalyst FINposium 2

Event: Working Group Meeting
Date: January 2016
Location: New Delhi
Attendance: 55 participants representing 38 organizations


  • Share findings from the Dalberg-led consumer and merchant research on interest and usage of digital payments; and
  • Learn and share ideas for collaborative projects among partners.


Merchant and Consumer Research:

Dalberg shared both quantitative and qualitative findings on merchant and consumer behavior toward adoption of digital payments – these were received with interest by the partners. The discussion following the partnership yielded two major takeaways:

  • Providing both consumers and merchants with opportunity for trials; and
  • Identifying use-cases that are relevant, specific and strong enough to invoke a conversion.

Project Ideation:

Partners shared their ideas and plans to implement pilots based on hypotheses gathered through research and initial proof-of-concept work conducted by them and Dalberg. This included presentation on three projects:

  • Digital Kirana (Janalakshmi, Snapdeal and Dalberg);
  • Digitizing retailer to company payments (Coca Cola);and
  • India Stack project (CGAP and iSPIRT).

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