Catalyst FINposium 3

Event: Working Group Meeting
Date: June 2016
Location: New Delhi
Attendance: 61 participants representing 45 organizations


  1. Disseminate learnings on the projects incubated and completed under the ambit of the Partnership:
    • Digital Kirana (Janalakshmi and Snapdeal),
    • Alternative Lending (YES BANK and Lendingkart), and
    • India Stack (iSPIRT, Capital Float, and Aditya Birla Finance Limited).
  1. Gather partner inputs on the less-cash policy note (‘Promotion of Payments through Cards and Digital Means”) shared by the Department of Economic Affairs in February 2016. Partner inputs were sought on three specific policy topics:
    • Digitizing G2P/P2G (government to person/person to government) payments including transport;
    • Assessing KYC and authentication norms; and
    • Re-imagining merchant acquisition.


Project Presentations: Partners presented key learnings from the pilots they were involved in, highlighting the life cycle of the pilot to enunciate project design, progress, and learning outcomes.

Policy Inputs: Partners brainstormed on the each of the three topics mentioned above, and made specific recommendations on the following themes that could be considered going forward

  • Digitizing P2G payments: (i) using transport as a hook for P2G payments, (ii) developing a common platform for multiple P2G transactions, and
    (iii) incentivizing adoption through innovative mechanisms such as cash backs and tapping into most relevant use cases.
  • Assessing KYC and authentication norms: (i) developing a tiered KYC model for merchants, (ii) Building cKYC i.e. a centralized database of KYC, and
    (iii) leveraging innovative mechanisms for KYC authentication
  • Reimagining merchant acquisition: (i) reducing cost of acquisition through centralized/interoperable processes, (ii) providing innovative hooks for digital payment

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